Thursday, February 7, 2008

Orc Choppa Class Guide

This class unfortunately didn't make the cut into the game :(

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dark Elf Disciple of Khaine Class Guide

The Dark Elf Disciple class is one of wierd eeriness when in combat for their dark god. I would like to compare this class to a warlock in world of warcraft. They use lots of damage over time abilities (dots) and life tap.

Estimated Strengths
  • Causes lots of damage through dots and dark casting abilities
  • Has the ability to heal

Estimated Weaknesses

  • Most likely to be a little bit squishy when taking hits. Obviously this class is not a tanking class

PVP (Player vs Player)

This class will freakin own at PVP. Having the ability to cast damage over time and bash stuff with your weapons will put you as a great class for PVP. If you played WOW, then you know that warlocks and shadow priests were awesome for PVP, but imagine a warlock with a sword. For damage in any situation, this is the class you want to pick

PVE (Player vs Environment)

Since this class can play as damage or healing, it will be very useful for grouping up and taking the big bad guys down. Being able to trade off with two completely different great roles will make you very valuable in Warhammer Online.

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Goblin Shaman Class Guide

The goblin shaman looks to be a healer and support class for the greenskins, but also a damage dealing class as well with magic.

Estimated Strengths
  • Has the ability to heal itself and others
  • Has many different crowd control abilities and ways to escape

Estimated Weaknesses

  • Armor is VERY weak
  • Can be killed very quickly

PVP (Player vs Player)

From what I have seen of this class, they are quite squishy when it comes to PVP. This might be because people are not used to taking advantage of the Golbin Shaman crowd control. There are a few videos on Youtube of the Goblin Shaman and some that show them getting killed in a matter of 3 or 4 hits. This doesn't seem uncommon though. If you played world of warcraft, you could see that classes like priests, mages and warlocks could get killed pretty quickly if the players didn't know what they were doing. Maybe this class will pan out better in PVP in the long run, but as of right now it is not the strongest class for PVP combat.

PVE (Player vs Environment)

Now for PVE, this is a whole different genre of usability for the Golbin Shaman. These guys will be expected to heal when taking on the big guys. Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure this character is the only class that can heal for the greenskins. You can always find a zealot (who I believe heals) or I would place my bet on the dark elves having a good healing class. Over all, this class will be wanted for PVE just like any healer would be.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Empire Bright Wizard Class Guide

Remember mages from world of warcraft? We'll I would like to say that this class is most likely going to be going in that direction (the fire spec mage anyway). The only weapons they can really wield are staves, but their damage is not based on physical smash and bash. These guys will dominate by casting nasty fire spells.

Estimated Strengths
  • Massive damage to opponents by casting fire
  • Will have some sort of crowd control (like sheep from wow) most likely
  • Possibly have some sort of magic shield

Estimated Weaknesses

  • Will probably be easy to kill
  • Bears pretty much no armor

PVP (Player vs Player)

I estimate that this class will be a great career path for PVP. Most of it will be determined by skill though. Since this will probably similar to the mage class in WOW, you will probably have to do you best to keep your opponents from hitting you and blast them away with fire spells. Damage wise I think this class will pan out to be one of the best.

PVE (Player vs Environment)

This will be a great class for damage against bosses and mobs. The only problem will be finding the balance between doing enough damage and not pulling aggro from the tank whoever that may be. If strong mobs come up to this guy and start bashing at him, he will most likely go down quickly. Overall this will be a fun damage dealing class to play (if not one of the best).

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Warhammer Online Order and Destruction Leveling Guide

We will be implementing a leveling guide for both the destruction and order sides of WAR when game day hits. This guide will give very detailed descriptions on what area to move to after reaching a certain level and we want to downsize grinding time as much as possible.

Both of the Order and Destruction leveling guides will probably start after you reach a certain level because of the number of races classes and starting areas that will probably get put into the game.

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Dwarf Ironbreaker Class Guide

If there was ever a tank for the order, the Ironbreaker was it. They can wield axes, hammers and shields and are very useful to take all the hits for your group. I think that when this game hits the shelves, this is the class to play if you want to be the center of attention (with both your groups and the enemy).

Estimated Strengths
  • Able to aggro (or taunt) targets onto itself
  • Able to survive for a long time taking damage
  • Able to block with a shield

Estimated Weaknesses

  • Damage output will be low
  • Moving speed will be slow compared to other classes (no speed buffs)
  • Slow leveling process

PVP (Player vs Player)

This career will get a lot of action in PVP. If EA Mythic plans on putting some sort of talent system onto the classes, then there is a possibility that this class could have some sort of "Damage" Spec for PVP. Although fun in PVP, playing with a healer is strongly suggested.

PVE (Player vs Environment)

This will be a must class for grouping up and taking down big monsters. Every group needs a tank to take all the hits while receiving heals and this career path will lead to that. Equipped with a shield, you should have no problem taking down the heaviest hitting enemies.

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Warhammer Online Classes (Careers) Guide

Every class in Warhammer Online plays an important roll in one way or another. In this guide, you'll be able to view the strengths and weaknesses of each to determine what your favorite class (or career) will be.